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Frozen tells about Elsa who has the ability, which is able to freeze everything he holds. This ability has been around since Elsa was a child and growing stronger day by day. One day, little Anna (Elsa's sister) is accidentally got hit by Elsa's power in the head. Fortunately, it can be healed by a Troll creature named Granpabie. To guard Elsa, her parents hid the power, isolating Elsa and their kingdom. Even Anna does not know Elsa's power. Furthermore, after Elsa was considered old enough to be a Queen, they held a celebration. In the celebration, the secret of Elsa's power was revealed because of Anna. Everyone panicked, including Elsa, so Elsa finally fled, hiding in the North Mountain and leaving eternal frost in the Kingdom of Arendelle. Princess Anna feels responsible and tries to persuade Elsa to come home and unfreeze everything that Elsa has accidentally frozen. In this story, many intrigues happen, such as the cunning intentions of the Duke of Weselton, or the sly intentions of Prince Hans to rule the Kingdom of Arendelle and looking for a way to save Anna from eternal frost because her heart was accidentally hit by Elsa's power.

Elsa, the Snow Queen Who Fights Her Fear

You must be familiar with the Disney's movie called Frozen. The popularity of Frozen proves that films with stories close to the audience will have long-term effects. The story of Elsa and Anna's adventures addressed to these children managed to influence all the audiences. The film tells of a girl who has the power to freeze everything she touches. That woman is Elsa. From the outside, Elsa looks strong, but in her heart, Elsa is filled with fear because of the power that she has. She is afraid she will become a 'monster' that can hurt people around her. One day, when Elsa will be crowned as Queen, her sister asks permission to marry Prince Hans, whom she has just met. Of course, Elsa did not agree, but Anna continued to push Elsa until finally, by accident, Elsa shows her power. It made everyone scared and Elsa finally escaped and hid in the North Mountain and made her kingdom, Arandelle, froze. On the way to the North Mountain, Elsa slowly accustomed to controlling the ice power that she had. She made the castle and also a very large guardian snowman called Marshmallow. Marshmallow's job is to keep Elsa's ice kingdom from intruders.

Kristoff, the Gentle Mountain Man

Frozen is a 3D animated movie of 2013 produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. This very popular movie around the world tells the story of Elsa and Anna's brothers living in the kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa has a power which is also a weakness, she is able to freeze everything. Its power has made its empire trapped in a great winter. The frantic Elsa finally left the palace. Elsa's sister, Anna, is trying to find her sister to stop the winter 'curse'. Anna also had an exciting adventure accompanied by Olaf the snowman, a mountain man named Kristoff and his best friend, Sven the reindeer. This time we will discuss Kristoff. He is a man who lives in the mountains and harvest ice to sells it to the Arendelle Kingdom. Kristoff is a tough guy that just doing what he wants. The trolls also talked about Kristoff's personality while singing "Fixer Upper ", they said that Kristoff has a clumsy walk, yet he is sensitive and sweet. The trolls also consider that Kristoff isolates himself as his way to show his desperation for human hugs. Thus, the Trolls believes that Anna can help Kristoff with true love.

Olaf, Snowman Who Loves Warm Hugs

Who does not know Frozen movie? A film that tells the story of Elsa and Anna who are trying to overcome their problem. One of the characters that you cannot forget from this movie is the snowman who loves warm hug. Yes, Olaf! Olaf is a snowman made by Elsa and Anna as a child. Olaf is a supporting character that teaches a lot of morale for Frozen's characters and also the audience. His famous phrase is "Some people are worth melting for". This sentence teaches that some people worth to be fought for their interests and desires when they are in trouble. Our task is to accompany them, caring for the interests of others above our own interests, sometimes these actions are not wrong to do if someone we want to fight for is worth fighting for. Olaf's other iconic phrase is "An act of true love can thaw a frozen heart," which teaches that love can melt a cold heart or love can turn people's behavior into a better direction. Olaf teaches between the point of despair on life, we are advised not to give up because surely there's a way to every problem. Inspirational!

Picture Frozen Movie Characters

Anna is more daring than graceful and,

at times, can act before she thinks.

From the outside, Elsa looks poised, regal and reserved,

but in reality, she lives in fear as she wrestles with a mighty secret.

Kristoff is a true outdoorsman

He lives high up in the mountains where he harvests,ice and sells it to the kingdom of Arendelle.

He's Olaf and he likes warm hugs

He is by far the friendliest snowman to walk the mountains above Arendelle.

A reindeer with the heart of a Labrador,

Sven is Kristoff's loyal friend, sleigh-puller and conscience.

Marshmallow is an enormous

icy snowman born from Elsa's powers.

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